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/ 2 users / month, starting at 1 model (lo-res only)

  • instantly add pdf or photos of plans
  • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools

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✓ 2 user logins

✓ Starts with 1 plan

✓ Add up to 10 plan variations

✓ Dolls house view

✓ Life size walkthroughs

✓ Works in an open space

✓ Online support




/ 10 users / month, starting at 10 models (1 High-res)

  • Includes Hi-res display or showroom
  • Quickly share variations across teams

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✓ Starts with 10 user logins

✓ Include with one Hi res model

✓ Add additional variations (lo-res)

✓ Ideal for small sales teams and consultants

✓ Great for construction project management

✓ Scales in groups of 10 up to 100 designs or plans

✓ Online support



/ unlimited users / month, starting at 20 models (10 High-res)

  • Customizable & scalable for sales and consultants
  • Individualized support to help admins manage at scale

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✓ Unlimited users for whole organisation

✓ Ideal for sales and consultants

✓ Includes sharing with buyers

✓ Drive leads to showrooms

✓ Increase conversions at showroom

✓ Measure leads and interest away from showroom

✓ Choose 10 display/showroom hi-res models

✓ Add up to 10 variations (lo-res)

✓ Online support

✓ Dedicates support manager

Frequently Asked Questions


Which devices does the Realar Places App work on?

Realar Places is compatible with Apple iOS devices that support ARKit. This means the app will work on the iPhone 6S (or higher), iPadPro and Ipads from 2017 (or newer). Android devices (phones and tablets) that run Google's ARCore technology will be supported later in 2018. You can sign up to our newsletter to be notified when this becomes available. 


How is AR different from VR? 

One of the main differentiating factors is that Virtual Reality (VR) requires goggles or headsets whereas Augmented Reality (AR) requires only a smartphone or tablet. AR users are able to interact with a blend of computer simulation and the real world, so users can view a 3D model of a building in a real place!


Which model formats are supported by Realar Places?

All common 3D formats are supported, including SketchupFilmbox (.fbx), through common authoring software such as 3DStudioMaxRevit Collada (.dae)and Wavefront Object (.obj). We are expanding our formats all the time so please get in touch if you want to use a different format.


Can I have fewer than 2 users on my account?

Yes. Each plan has a minimum number of base users (2 in Standard, 10 in Advanced and 20 in Enterprise), but you don’t need to use all of the licences straight away. Since licences can be reused, many of our customers reserve their extra licences for contractors or clients.


Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes! Please contact our sales team or schedule a call for more information. We also offer discounts for educational institutions and non-for-profit organisations.

Do I need any additional equipment?

No. As long as your device runs the Realar Places app (see above), you don't need any additional devices or equipment. Simply launch the app, select your model and enjoy a full 3D experience - in a real place!


Where does the Realar Places App work?

Almost anywhere, as long as the app can detect a flat surface where a model can be rendered. To experience inside of a building, the 'dolls house' view is great for 360 degree perspectives. It allows you to experience a model from the inside as if it were a real building. For outside, models can be experienced full-size, in first-person, as if you were standing outside of the real building.


Can I buy internationally?

Yes, we have many overseas customers. All pricing is shown in Australian Dollars (AUD) and excludes taxes (GST). We will soon better support multi-currency on our website, however billing will happen in your local currency. For now just use an online currency convertor


Can I upgrade or downgrade my existing Realar Plan? 

Absolutely - moving plans is easy! Our Customer Success team is on-hand to guide you through the process. Simply hover over the bottom-right of the screen on our website, and you'll be able to communicate with the team directly.


Can you integrate with third party software?

Yes, any Annual Enterprise Plan can be tailored. Realar can integrate with third party APIs and systems such as CRM (Customer Resource Management), Geo Location tools, and much more. Please contact our sales team or schedule a call for more details. 


Realar really helped us understand our building plans - we couldn’t believe we could walk through in life-size. I searched for a number of things out there and Realar was the only one we found that that could do this.
— HR, New home builder, NSW