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Take the fear out of understanding building plans.

✓ See floor plans life-sized before its built

✓ Instantly walkthrough in any location

✓ Easily add variations & share with team members

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Build engagement through customer understanding. 

✓ Increase sales with product visualisation

✓ Attract more sellers & vendor paid marketing

✓ Easily convert collateral into amazing walkthroughs

✓ Sales intelligence & custom CRM integration

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EASY TO USE, MAgical experience

Understand property designs, quickly and affordably.
Game changing technology made simple

* Actual XR Hi-Res view from Realar App.

* Actual XR Hi-Res view from Realar App.

1. Simply add building plans

Easily convert any 2D floor-plan by taking a photo or adding a PDF document from the App.

Go Hi-Res, by uploading a 3D file or get in touch to upgrade your 2D floor-plan.

2. Walkthrough life size in any location

Go to any open space, find your home design and place it on the empty block.

Then walk around outside and inside to see the home in life size to see your plan come to life!

3. Be the Expert

Understand size, space and lighting. Even change the aspect to see natural light for that time of day.

Experience house and land together. Engage and connect with the lifestyle on offer.

4. Share

Sharing with designers, builders and consultants leads to better decisions and final product.

All pricing plans allow basic sharing. Whether buying or building we take the fear out of understanding plans.