Technology startup, ‘Realar’ launches an augmented reality app to transform the off-plan purchasing experience for home buyers.

For immediate release: December 20, 2017 Technology startup, Realar, has launched a ground-breaking augmented reality app that allows users to digitally view off-plan properties on-site, in real time. Using only a smartphone, Realar literally ‘places’ a house in a real space for buyers to experience.

Powered by Apple’s exciting new augmented reality framework, ARKit, which seamlessly blends digital objects with real environments, Realar enables property development plans to be rendered in life-sized in 3D, in situ and in real time.

Taking the stress out of buying off-plan or affordable homes, Realar offers buyers an unparalleled opportunity to view, and engage with, their prospective property. Users visit the property’s physical location and use the app through their smartphone or tablet, to enjoy an immersive digital walk-through.

Fusing the real-world environment around the prospective property, with the digital rendering of development plans, users can view layout, rooms, gardens and location. They can even look through the digital ‘windows’ and see the real-world outside.

Realar was founded by serial tech entrepreneurs, Dr. Dan Swan and Keith Ahern. Swan explains that the app is attractive to home builders and sales professionals because it offers a unique platform to showcase properties: “By capitalising on the rapidly emerging augmented reality medium, Realar enables new ways of interacting and communicating buyers at a multi-sensory level.” Swan goes on: “It also solves the age-old challenge of expecting buyers to visualise their dream home on an empty patch of land - or at best, in a catalogue.”

Realar™ Places is free to download from the Apple App Store.

About Realar:
Realar™ has grown through StartInno Ventures Pty Ltd, an NSW Australia based start-up incubator and accelerator. Realar fully focuses on Augmented Reality for Real Estate partnering with the world’s leading tier one Home Builders. The Realar Places App launched in 2017 on iOS after working with Apple Australia to support it’s ARKit technology. As part of its 2018 product offering Realar will be extending to other platforms, including offering SaaS for customers across the world to dynamically load their 3D content and connect with buyers. For more information, media or sales enquiries go to

Dan Swan