Infographic: Top 7 Tips for Augmented Reality in Real Estate

At Realar, we can’t contain our excitement helping people Buy And Build Better and unleashing the magic of Augmented Real Estate.

Our mission is to revolutionise the way real estate professionals can create a better buyer experience, and promote a better conversation and decision-making process with “RealAR” experiences.

Recently, we got chatting to some of the best real estate agents around the world to gauge where they see the future of AR, and how they see it fitting in with the real estate industry. Results are in - and they’re looking good.

Augmented Reality is extremely useful and advantageous in the real estate industry because it promotes a future forward outlook and allows you to bring / pitch projects to life before taking on any risk.

Lawrence, New York

Ever considered buying or selling a home that isn’t what you or your client actually want? Sounds like a bit of a nightmare to me. As Lawrence highlights, using AR such as Realar can alleviate the risk involved in the process of buying or selling a home that hasn’t yet been constructed - as we say “pixels are cheaper than bricks”.

It’s important to help potential buyers to really visualize themselves in the future home. Whether it’s a 3D render, or even Virtual or Augmented Reality that can be used, the stimulation of their imagination is key

Austin, Washington

Think 3D render is cool? So do we. So much so, that we created Realar to take these renderings to the next level. Designed to give users the ability to “walk through” a house utilising AR and, if possible, at the exact location, provides a unique and, as Austin mentions, stimulating experience where the user’s imagination is expanded like not yet seen. Unlike regular 3D and even VR, Realar understand natural light and its aspect to adds to the realism so that buyers really connect with a building. To us, this is what it’s about - creating a genuine experience and connection with the process of buying and designing homes.

It’s great - especially for people who can’t physically be at a property because of distance, they can be there this way.

Megan, Sydney

It’s nerve-racking buying a home, let alone one not yet constructed. Whether you’re too far away to visit a potential future plot, or struggle to imagine the final construction. Changes of mind often prove to be costly so understand plans as its being designed, quoted on and even during build saves buyer lots of money. Users can ignite their imagination, “walk through” and experience their homes at any given time, taking the anxiety out of buying a home off the plan.

It will be used, just us watch social media.

Sandro, California

Technology has made a huge impact on the way we connect with the world - as Sandro mentions, just think about social media today. Apple and Google are driving innovation in AR at an enormous fast rate. Our team at Realar, are excited about the positive advancements that AR technology offers and we strive to be at the forefront to offer buyers and sellers of homes a real experience throughout the process.

Augmented reality will play a big part in immersing potential buyers into the possibility of their future purchases

Mark, Brisbane

The future is in technology that is easy to use and has practical purpose. As Mark touches on during our conversation about the role of AR and the real estate industry, Realar provides the possibility for users to envision the future. It’s a game changer for both home buyers and sellers alike.

It’s a game changer to reduce costs and create greater transparency and honesty in the industry.

Julie, Melbourne

We all know real estate agents are no longer the gate-keepers of information about a property or development. How can we help them when their job getting harder? Realar revolutionises the way real estate agents and home buyers interact, creating a new kind of dialogue - one where trust in the process and industry is a natural outcome of using AR.

A great marketing tool that is fun and engaging.

Infographic: Top 7 Tips for Augmented Reality in Real Estate [DOWNLOAD AND SHARE]

For the agents out there, there’s one extra point that David mentions that simply can’t be denied. Giving agents, sales and customer support teams access to leading edge tool, without expensive gear and equipment, as a point of difference is one the best marketing messages out there. Realar provides a refreshing and exciting opportunity engage with your clients and to sell homes.

Whether you are looking to buy off the plan or are in real estate sales yourself, no matter whether you’re at the forefront of Tech or have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, one thing's for sure come to light - AR offers exciting advancements for the real estate industry and it’s here to stay.

Watch the Realar demo video.

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Dan Swan